Brows & Body Waxing.



Microblading creates hair-like appearance to fill in the brow area.  This service can be performed with or without brow hair present.  Microblading lasts 6-18 months depending on the individual.  A consultation is required to ensure you are a good candidate for the service. 

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Facial waxing

We have tested countless products through the years to find the very best waxes to be sure your waxing service is as quick and painless as possible. We use a variety of hard and soft waxes to ensure that the perfect type of wax is used for each specific person and area being waxed. Different waxes perform better depending on the type of hair, age of client, and area to be waxed. All waxing services begin with a cleanse of the are to be waxed. The skin is the prepped to ensure hair is pulled and not skin. After the area has been waxed and tweezed, a soothing oil will be applied to the skin. The use of High Frequency can also be used to assist in the elimination of breakout. 

***Please tell your esthetician if you are using, or have used, any AHA, Retin-A, Retinol, Accutane, prescription skin care, or any other product that may make skin more sensitive to waxing.

***Use of Retin-A should be stopped a minimum of 7 days prior to waxing.

Brow Mapping (measure, map, wax, trim, tweeze, tint): $45

Eyebrow (trim/wax/tweeze): $18+

Lip: $12

Chin: $12

Brown/lip/chin: $40

Sides of face: $14

Full face (brows/lip/chin/sides): $45

BODY Waxing

***Hair should be allowed to grow a minimum of 2 weeks prior to waxing.

Bikini (female; A clean up of the sides and top of the panty area): $40

Brakini (female; Brakini is between the basic bikini and a Brazilian. All hair is removed from the lips. A small triangle or "landing strip" can be left on the top, or everything can be removed for a completely clean look): $55

Brazilian (female; The Brazilian is the removal of all hair, front and back. A small triangle or "landing strip" can be left in the front if desired, or all hair can be removed.): $80

Back (full): $50

Chest (full): $50

Arm (full): $30

Arm (half): $20

Leg (full): $60

Leg (half): $40

Underarm: $20

***Other areas may be waxed as well. Please inquire.